In an era when millions of people are inseparable from their smartphones, a great deal of daily activities are carried out on mobile devices. Shopping is one key example of it. Obviously mobile technology is not only boosting ecommerce but also revolutionizing the bricks-and-mortar retail businesses.

Therefore retailers aspiring to tap into the exponential growth of smartphone users must need a mobile strategy - but what is it? Challenges are present in every step of a buying process: from the way a customer conduct a product search to locate a nearby store; from the experience of interacting with an App to paying the good with cash, credit cards or smartphones; from how one receives a discount coupon before purchasing to collects a bonus point after doing so. There are vast elements a retailer should consider to leverage mobile to make his business more effective and lucrative. The upcoming Mobile Business Summit 2013 would offer retailers a marvelous platform to explore all these possibilities.

As an annual signature event organized by WTIA, the Summit was initiated in 2009. It aims at bridging differences in perspectives and facilitating knowledge exchange between mobile technology industry and other businesses.

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